Thursday, 10 May 2012

What do you mean by web design and web development?

As per a thought of a layman, web design and web development are similar but there is a huge difference between both words. Sometime this both words are used interchangeably. The fact is that these two have completely different work. In the website there are two parts, one is front-end and the second is back-end. Front-end may be described as a website design and page layout whereas back-end can be described as website coding. Without web designer or web developer website development is not possible.
Web design is the process of designing the website pages. Web designers are handling designing related work. They use various tools such as Photoshop, coral draw, Dreamweaver and many other tools of web designing. They typically use HTML for preparing the first cut of the website which contains the complete structure along with graphics. This structure is the main reference for a web developer who is going to handle the back-end process of a website. By keeping this structure in mind web developer codes the website further. A good web designer has a skill of understanding the graphics and colour combination. They have knowledge of customers like and dislike so accordingly to this they create an attractive web design which grabs the attention of users.
The back-end construction of a website depends on web developers. Without web developers creation of the website is not possible because web designer just creates a layout of the website but web developers make it live.  Web developers use various programming platforms like, Java, PHP, etc for making the website. By using these platforms they create a website which has all the functionality which you need. Web developers are a creator who brings your imagination in virtual world. I.e. If you want to create functionality like user login or shopping cart with payment options then all this stuff can be prepared by web developers. Web developers also handle the database and backup process of a website.
Both web designer and web developers are important. Visitors judge the website within few minutes, it’s so important to have an attractive website design which holds the visitors. On the second part visitors like user friendly and good functional website so this requirement is fulfilled by web developers. In short, both of them are like two sides of a coin. Web designer and web developers have to work together for producing an excellent website which retains the visitors and encourage them to visit again and again.
If you are in offline business and need website for just sharing your products and service of your company then you only require one time development but let’s say that you are in an ecommerce business then you must require dedicated web designers and web developers. In ecommerce business website is the only thing from which business owner will earn his revenue so it is quite important that ecommerce website is totally user oriented from both aspects: website design and website functionality.
In the world of web development it is fact that everyone can only give an importance to web developers because people always thought that web developers are folks who develop the entire website but it is not true as we can know that web developers only handles the back-end part of web development.
What is your opinion on this? Which is most important or among of this which one has less importance?


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