Friday, 25 January 2013

Most Web Development Trends for 2013

With every passing day, there have been numerous trends emerging in the web development. It has become a huge task for both the designers and developers.

I will like to share the development trends for 2013.

Responsive Web Design

This form of design is mostly applicable for website development. In the recent times, there has been a significant rise in the number of Smartphone and iPhone users.
People prefer to use these gadgets rather than desktop and laptops. The design has to match up to the expectations of mobile user and differ to what is available on the desktop. You may lose potential users if you fail to fulfill their requirements.

Multi-Device Design

It is a huge challenge for designers and developers to develop such a module having a multi-device design aspect. People not only expect mobile website but also want a website for television.


One more trend is HTML5. In the past, designers used flash players for attractive banner ads or headers. But after the introduction of HTML5, it was designers who mainly preferred to use it. Flash is preferably used in web games or desktop games and much more.

Efficient Website

Placing a huge site is not a good idea but website should have good efficiency. User interface and user experience is important for a website.

Modular Design

In designing process, building blocks will be a new trend in 2013. A website would have more structured layout in 2013. By creating modules and blocks, web maintenance process will be made easier and economical.

Involvement of Standards

The main trend in 2013 is that web standards will be followed by web developers. There will be a negative impact if web developers do not follow these standards.

New tools for Design and Development

CMS vendors are already looking to provide mobile support for managing content. Another step is to optimize CMS software interfaces and to provide total flexibility for content creation.

Videos on Website

People are keeping track of new videos hitting the stands this year. So, the use of videos has increased in web development.

Content Strategy and Storytelling

Content is most important and people would like to read new content day by day. One should update it on the website.

Profit Making Website

Developers focus on making a profit making website. In order to develop it, developers must concentrate on user experience and user interface.

Experimental Design

Year 2013 will be for new and experimental design. New features will be added into design to keep people’s attention. This experimental design model really works well.

Improved Layout

Website layout is improved by better typography. CSS will have a flexible and grid layout.

Scalable Web Design

Scalable web design is a technique which can be used in websites to make capable displayed on screen with both low and high pixel densities. It is a group of creative ideas, latest techniques and web standards.

These trends will be followed in 2013 by web designers and web developers.


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domina said...

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