Thursday, 31 May 2012

How to develop an interactive website?

Are you in an online business? Do you have a good website? It is just good or interactive website. Yes, only having a good website is not enough in online business. You must have an interactive website which can perform as a virtual assistant to your end users. We all know that website is a thing from which we will be able to promote our products and services in online world. With the every changing day internet becomes less static hence the dynamic world is taking its place. At present time we are using dynamic websites and we know very well that how this websites are.
Now you have one question in your mind that, what the hell interactive website is? Let see one good example of the same, you went in an office which is not properly organized and don’t have any person to welcome you or guide you on your questions. What you do in this situation. I know that you would probably leave that office. Now you went in an office which has good infrastructure and all the things are well organized. When you enter in the office a receptionist welcomes you and gives all the answers of your questions. How good experience it is! This is the difference between normal and interactive website. In such website, your users can feel the personal touch. In simple world interactive website is a thing which allows users to communicate with it.
Now how can you develop such website? Below are few points which can create an interactive website.
  • To attract the users in their first visit you have to create a good homepage which contains all the information of your company in graphical way.
  • You have to create multiple interaction platforms from where your users can interact with you. Social media is the best option for this so start your Facebook and Twitter page and put its information in your website so users can easily connect with you.
  • "A picture is worth a thousand words" so use some good images which can tell your story to the users. Don’t use large size images because it will be increase loading time of website.
  • Provide some informational materials like newsletters, whitepapers or case studies because from this users can get the latest information about your company and industry as well.
  • Develop some platforms like forums or CRM from where your users can easily contact you.

With the help of interactive website you can increase your revenue. For creating such website, it requires a professional guy so always approach a good website development company to develop your website.

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Do you think that custom website design is costly?

In the world of IT, website is the like a bamboo on which whole IT field stands. With the help of website companies can increase their presence at global stage hence at present time website designing has become a global business. There are many technologies available from which you can develop your website. One of them is custom website design which appears as extremely adopted at present time. Custom web design is like a key which can explore your business with maximum exposure with unique identity.
You and I are very much aware with website development process and its cost. Website development is a very expensive thing which can require financial as well hard work for creating a good website. In the online business website is mandatory because it is your tool from which you can able to do a business in the online medium. As I say previously that custom website design is used highly in web development at present time because customized website can create a unique identity of your business. If you want to create an interactive website then one and only solution of your requirement is custom website design.
Does custom website design isbeneficial for you? Quite obvious answer of this question is “Yes”. Let’s see in how many ways such web design will help your business lead to the next level. First of all by admitting such design you can create a website as you like and ultimately by this way you can create your unique design which is not used in any other website. This way you can make your brand name in the online world. This type of web design is especially very useful in the ecommerce website where you must have to look different from your competitor.
Proper organized website would be possible through custom web design. It allows you to arrange your content with proper placement and it was proven that properly structured website will achieve more attraction of users. From the SEO point of view, custom web design is so useful because it provides you an option to put your keywords and descriptions in each web page so you can optimize your most important web page very easily.
It is true that to create such website is quite expensive but after seeing these valuable benefits of custom website design, it is quite obvious that it will be not as costly as you think.

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Web applications and its design

Web application, everyone is aware with this term. Generally web application term refers that “An application which can accessible through internet.” Internet is becoming a vital thing in every human life. Web application is one of the most important factors in the internet world as it will make things easy in human life. By using various web applications, you can do almost everything in quite easier way. There are many factors which can make a good web application design. Web application design plays a vital role in web applications as it makes possible aesthetic looking and user friendly web application.
In the online world aesthetic view is too important because users like well organized things. If the website or application is cluttered then users avoid it. There are many web applications available in the online world but among them some are hit the skies because they are easy-to-use and simple. Let me give you one best example of web application which is used by so many people. Wordpress is the most comprehensive web application which is adopted by thousands of people. Why it is that much popular? Because Wordpress deliver its main objectivity in quite easy way so users can easily use it without any trouble.
Further I am going to share you some tips on web application design because design of web application makes the application more users oriented.
  • A proper navigation in application makes users happy and that’s why they can easily use it without any hesitation. So while designing your web application, first you have to prepare a proper road map of entire application so you will be able to design proper navigation. One best solution of making it easy is adding a breadcrumb navigation system in web app so users never get lost in the application.
  • Screen size is one of the most important parts in the web applications. There are many users who still use small screen size. So make sure that your application will also fit in that type of screen size.
  • Choose proper color combinations in web application so the visibility of text in web application never affected by it.  Also, colors are too important in creating a brand name so choose it as per your industry or as per your company website.
  • Give various important links in right side space of application so if the users need it they don’t have to find it. Generally in web application important links are settings, help, preview, etc.

Above are some basic fundamentals which can make your web apps as per users needs. Moreover you have to research on some famous web apps like Wordpress, Joomla, Facebook, etc so you can understand the main purpose of your web app.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Domain name importance in ecommerce solution

Some experts of online marketing world are saying that domain name plays a big role in getting the maximum exposure from the web. It is quite true because domain name is also one of the most important factors in the SEO; if the domain name is relevant to the business model then Search engines will give a first priority to such domain in search results. In ecommerce platform, website is the only thing from where you can earn your revenue. There are hundreds of ecommerce businesses available in the market place. Some of them are providing almost every products and some are only specific to one or two product.
If you are in the planning of starting an ecommerce business then first you have to acquire a domain name. It is not easy to choose a domain name as it require a lots of research from the different point of view. Ecommerce is all about website so it is too important that your website has a good and unique domain name which can reflect your products and your business theme. In accordance to such things it is so clear that domain name is playing a big role in the success of ecommerce website. As domain name is too important, you have to be focused while selecting it.
An ecommerce solution is become quite easier if you have a good domain name so start doing some research of competitor’s website and their domain name before selecting your domain name so you get some basic idea about domain name, also you can understand that how others select their domain name as per their products and business model. Further I am also going to share you some tips on how to select a domain name for ecommerce website.
How to select domain name for ecommerce website?
Adopt the KISS rule (Keep it simple silly) – Always select short but meaningful domain name so users can easily remember it and also understand the business theme from just your domain name. For example, if you wanted to buy a mobile phone then which site you prefer from below.
It is quite obvious that many users prefer option A because it produces the main objective of the website from domain name.
Pick .com extension - .com extension is a sign of business website so in ecommerce website you must have to select .com extension. Also, .com extension insists to be of global platform so if you have .com extension of domain name for your ecommerce website then you are not bound to any specific region.
Keyword included – Never choose a domain name with your own name or some funky names because it impacts a bad impression on user’s mind and also they don’t believe the authenticity of your ecommerce website. Choose domain name which have your targeted keyword or product name as it is good from SEO point of view and also users can easily justify and identify your website.
A Perfect domain name will lead your business at the next level so keep the above things in your mind while choosing a domain name for your ecommerce website. Always do in depth research before selecting a domain name for your ecommerce business so you will get the best ecommerce solution.

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Friday, 25 May 2012

Few features must have in every website

Online world is now not just for professional because now it is used by layman also. Extensive use of internet has raised so many opportunities and industries in the marketplace. Entire online world is stand on one platform and that platform is website. Website is the thing which creates an atmosphere of doing a business in the world of online. In the era of 80s and 90s, websites are mostly used for sharing company information and the web design is so simple and cluttered. Now, Things are completely changed as there are many new technologies have been invented and you and I are very much aware with today’s websites.
Websites of present time are so attractive and produce functionalities which we never thought about. Below are some key features which are too important in the website so these features you must have to include in website while website development.
1.       First of all website is represent you and your company in online world so always provide genuine information in your website. You have to provide some basic contact details of your company and key persons, so end users can easily contact you without any hesitation. This will create an authenticity of your company in user’s mind so always provide physical address, email and phone numbers of company.
2.       Updated information always attracts the new visitors because users are eagerly searching latest information. Many websites of present time are running on a CMS platform so you can add, delete and modify your content whenever you want without any help of developer.
3.       Dedicated pages of different products and services are making your website more interactive because from these pages users can find the specific product information in much better way.
4.       If your website provides any financial transaction systems then you must have to secure your website with SSL certificate. The SSL certificate will encrypt the data of users so they don’t have to worry about their data theft. TrustE, Entrust, VeriSign, etc are the provider of SSL certificate.
5.       Navigation is the most important factor which can attract the users so always makes simple navigation of your website.
6.       With the increasing popularity of Smartphone and tablet, you must have to be ready with mobile version of your website so you can also approach those customers who surfs your website from such devices.
7.       Social Media integration in website will give you maximum exposure because Social Medias are such platforms from where you can find your desired niches.
8.       At the end choose good web hosting so your website never gets the stuck and users easily access it with good speed.
Above things are very helpful to provide a good looking and user’s oriented website. Stay away from “Big banners for big impacts”. Remember simplicity is always good so please forgo the heavy banners, Flash and numbers of images because such things only slow the loading time of website and if the website is poor in loading then users don’t like it. Also, loading time is one of the affected parameters in the SEO. Website development is not like a rocket science but you must have to take care of some basic aspects of it.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Custom website design: A bless for Small-cap business

In the time of recession, People from all over the world have lost their employments. That was the very pathetic moment but if we see from different point of perspective then it gives a good opportunity to many people to start their own business and that’s why at present there are many small-cap businesses is available. Some of them are in online world and in online world for doing a business essentials thing is only website. In the cutting edge competition of online world, everyone are on the one track that how to earn maximum from their businesses. It is true that in online world if you want to gain more revenue then you have to develop your website more attractive and that way you may able to attract more visitors. For developing such website you have to admit the custom website design.
In small-cap business, budget is too low as such businesses are in their startup stage and every startup stage of such business is always in a Roller Coaster stage. In every online business one and only weapon to win the battle is your own website. Big capital companies have a huge budget on their website development and promotion that’s why they can hire dedicated marketing folks for doing such activities.  A small-cap business doesn’t have that much huge budget so they have to adopt custom website which can produce their business in much better way to attract the users.
What are the benefits of custom website for small-cap businesses?
  • There are several CMS available for developing your website by yourself but in some CMS you are not able to do the customization by yourself hence you require a custom web designer. You can develop your website in CMS but get it customizes by good custom web designer.  This way you can save some bucks behind the development of website.
  • Small-cap business needs a unique identity which builds their brand name in online world and the same can be happen through custom website design.
  • By using such technology you can organize your website in proper way and make it aesthetic. Custom website design allows you to stand apart from the clutter.
  • In small-cap business a simple way to promote their website in online world is SEO and they can do this with custom website design because customized website is user friendly with SEO.

As in small-cap business, your revenue will generate through only and only users so it’s most important that your website design is purely for users needs. All such things can be possible through custom website design so it is a wise decision that you adopt the same in your small-cap business.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Ecommerce website development from Wordpress

Ecommerce website development is always full of complexity because it requires a full proof of coding which can produce a good functional website. In short, for developing such website you must need a developer. Hiring a web developer is quite costly and specifically if you are in startup stage then you can’t afford them, so what to do in this situation? There is one option available which can solve your problem and that is going for CMS and develops your website with yourself. Yes, it requires some technical knowledge but you can easily setup your ecommerce website with the help of CMS. Here I would like to suggest a Wordpress to develop your ecommerce website.
Wordpress is one of the best CMS in the category of CMS. It provides so much functionality which makes a good functional website. There are many big websites which was developed in Wordpress platform. For ecommerce solution, Wordpress provides great facility. First of all you have to purchase a domain name from any domain registrar. Choose a domain name as per your ecommerce business model so you can get maximum benefit from the SEO point of view.
After purchasing the domain now you need a hosting from where your website is accessible. You have to select that web hosting provider who with meet with Wordpress requirements; you can go with Godaddy, Hostgator, etc which are providing the same. In fact almost all the hosting providers are familiar with the Wordpress so it is one of the best benefits for choosing Wordpress. These two steps are the generic process of every website development. Now you have to create an account in Wordpress and then main things comes that how to develop ecommerce website from the Wordpress.
Follow the below step by step process:-
  1. Go into your hosting Cpanel and click on “Choose platform” option and then select Wordpress.
  2. Now you have to fill some details of your Wordpress account like admin name, password, website name, etc. Make sure that you are not doing any mistake in it because it becomes your credentials which are going to use in login to your Wordpress website.
  3. Now you have to download Wordpress theme in your computer and then by using any FTP client you have to upload that theme under root folder in hosting database.
  4. Now login in your website through Wordpress and install new plug-in of e-commerce and fill up required information and it’s done.

For doing all this you require some basic technical knowledge. Ecommerce website design is too important so either choose some good theme or get it designed from professional web designer.

From below link you can see a complete video of this process: - 

Clear your confusion on web development quote

So you have decided to start your online business and want to develop your website. Do you know any website developer? If not then you have to search for them and have to give your web development project to them but do you have any idea on pricing of it? In today’s online world website is too essentials for doing a business and that’s why a website development industry is growing day by day. In this growing online world you need a strong website which can beat your business rivals hence you have to develop your website from some professionals. There are many companies which can serve the same services so it becomes too confusing for choosing one out of them. In this case you have to get the quote from different companies and in this way you can be able to choose one out of them.

There are various factors which can set your website development price. Before going to website development you have to prepare some questions related to your website and hosting. Prepare a list of your needs which you require in a website. By doing this pre-preparation your half of work gets easier. Now you have to search some good reputed companies in the marketplace and shortlisted 4 to 5 companies out of them which are good enough.

Further you have to do email communication with them and have to ask for their quote as per your requirements. Below are some questions which will be very helpful to you while you are approaching website development companies.
  1. Which technologies are going to use in your website development?
  2. Do they provide dedicated web developer for your website?
  3. By when they will complete your project?
  4. What about after development queries?
  5. What is the web hosting cost?
  6. What are the hosting server up-time, disk space and bandwidth?
  7. Where your website getting hosted? In same location which you are targeted or in some other location?
  8. How many resources will work on your project?
  9. Does that resources are expert and experienced enough?
  10. Are they being ready to make changes after development?

Apart from this question you must have to check the credibility of that company. You have to approach some of their clients who gave their project to that company. You should also ask them to check that project so you can easily judge the working skills of that company.

Before going to approach any web development company, you should have to do some homework.

To-do list before approaching web development company
  1. Create a rough design of your website in a paper.
  2. Prepare a list of functionalities which you want to add to your website.
  3. Set your budget and distribute it accordingly.
  4. Be ready with your website content.
  5. Be ready with your marketing plan
  6. Finalize the launch date (As it is a very stringent task).
  7. Be ready with your crew.

Answers of the above questions will definitely help you in getting the right quote from website development companies. In web development industry there are many loop holes means sometimes some companies give their commitment while dealing and incorporated your demands in website development but when you came across to final product it is completely different. So always get your quote in writing format so such things can be avoided and you have a proof of the same.

Hope that now you are expert enough to select a web development company.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Custom website design: which strategies require in developing website?

A web design plays a big role in business success hence every entrepreneur is tending to adopt newer technologies for increasing the click through ratio of their website. For developing website it requires pre-plan and proper execution of that plan but plan execution requires solid strategies which may lead your business at the next level. In the era of technology you and I definitely say that nothing can be impossible and in the case of website this was proven because there is the custom website design thing which gives a new looks to a classic website.

A blueprint of your website can make the job easy for developers. Create some strategies because it can pay off for you and your organization. This little homework will make your website which tells a story about your company. It is true that custom web design will definitely attract the customers but it will be possible when you have a well organized website. A cluttered custom website never produces any impression on users' mind so before developing such website you must have to prepare some strategies for custom website design. Below are some strategies which can help you in developing a good custom website design.
  1. Purpose - It is a thing which can apply in not only website but in each work which you can do in personal and professional life. In website it can give you an idea of your business goal so makes your mind clear with website objectivity.
  2. Branding - In the online world branding is the most important factor because everyone will know you from your website so it is too necessary to make it strong enough. You can create your strong branding only from your website so while creating a strategy of your website you have to consider this thing. A company logo and website theme can make your banding.
  3. Target the users - Ultimately the users are the owner of your website so create your strategy as per users' needs and by this your website becomes popular and grab maximum users.
  4. Content - This is the most important part of the website which attracts the users. An updated content in website will drive lots of traffic because users are also in search of updated information.
  5. Market segmentation - Without doing market segmentation you will be in a big trouble where you have your product ready but don’t know that people who will be your customer or potentials.
  6. Categories and navigation - A website with categorization is called as easy-to-use website hence makes sure that you properly categorize your website content. Create a dedicated page for each and every product and services which you are providing. Also, a proper navigational website will engage the end-users into the website and they enjoy the surfing of your website.
  7. Technology - A technology is the thing which makes a good functional website so choose an appropriate technology which is suitable to your website objectivity. Never try any newer technologies as it creates complexity for you.
Custom website design is the thing which gives you an opportunity of making your identical image in the online world and same way a strategic website makes you a successful businessman.

Website plays a big role behind every successful online venture hence it is most important that website is good enough to represent your brand.

Monday, 21 May 2012

What expertise should have in web application developer?

In the world of internet one must have to be updated with the latest technologies because technology is now changing day by day. Now internet is not just like an internet but it is a thing which can be used by humans in their routine life and especially after the revolution of Smartphone. Nowadays web applications are very much in demand. People will like to use the web application because of it is very much handy to use and easily accessible even through mobile phones. In web application there are two parts 1) Web application design which is called as a front end 2) Web application development which is  called as a back end. Front end part is developed by a web designer where the back end part is developed by a web application developer.

Below are some expertises which must have in a web application developer. This will be helpful for both peoples 1) who are web developer and want to go ahead with a web application developer and 2) for them who are outsourcing their web application development project.

Grip on languages – Every application’s base is dependable on various languages like C, C++, VB script, etc. If you want to become a good developer of web application then it is quite necessary that you have a good grip over the languages.

Understand the flow – Applications are generally a bunch of various databases where each database is interconnected with each other. In this situation, you must have a capability of underrating the flow of driving databases.

Result Oriented – Web development is a thing where its output is assumed before the development so as a web application developer you must have to keep result oriented vision. This vision will help you in many ways and also you will get an idea about the output of your development.

Calm of mind – while you develop the web application then you may face many difficulties and at that stage you must have to handle that difficulty with calm mind otherwise you will get frustrated. Remember every big obstacle will solved with calm mind not from angry attitude.

Aware with aesthetic technology – Aesthetic technology defines Flash, Ajax, jquery and some sort of technology which makes the application quite easy and aesthetic form look and feel view.

Be passionate – If you are working for just earning then web application development is not your cup of tea because it requires a full of passion and this passion creates a tremendous web application. In fact in IT field you must have to be passionate. A fact is that passionate work never meets with failure.

Adaptability – Only one expertise is not a sign of web application developer. As a web developer you must have to explore your interest area. A multitasking is the thing which can give you a success in IT field.

Creativeness – Creativity in web application developer is most needed expertise because when you got the project of web application development there is already a clone of that application is available in the internet world so at that time you have to make it something like different and for making it like this you need creative mind.  Here web application design plays a big role.

Being a web application developer is not an easy task but a hard work and passion will lead you at that extent where you called an expert of Web application developer.

Ecommerce web design helps you a lot in marketing

It was proven that from any other business sector ecommerce business is rising more and more on every changing day. Every entrepreneur is in a race of expanding their ecommerce business globally. In this raising ecommerce business, competition of doing a business is also reached at the skies and that’s why a proper marketing of business is now mandatory. Online marketing is so tough in comparison to off line marketing but a proper execution of the strategic plan will make it easy. Ecommerce entrepreneurs have to dedicate a huge budget to the marketing department for exposing their ecommerce business. A numbers of activities have been performed by marketing experts while exposing the ecommerce business in the online world. At that time there are many key factors which are playing big roles in business exposure. One of them is the ecommerce web design.

A web design is too important in the website even it is developed for ecommerce business or just for sharing company information. In ecommerce, web design is the most important part as it is a thing which holds the users and leads them to trading part which is the main purpose of ecommerce website. As this is the golden time for ecommerce business, everyone comes on the battlefield so doing a proper marketing of ecommerce website is quite necessary. In this scenario, marketing experts give you instructions on how to develop the web design which is more attractive and unique.

As ecommerce web design creates your unique identity in the online world, it becomes too easy to promote your business in the online world with this identity. A perfect web design is completely dedicated to customers’ needs. An ecommerce website must have a proper navigational function so it can drive the users at the right destination. From the marketing point of view, if the website is totally oriented to customers than the job of marketing folks become so easy. They can easily drive much traffic to the website and through this traffic a figure of sales will be increased drastically. Also for building the brand name of company, web design helps a lot. If we create a web design which is completely unique from any other website than this web design is making its place in users mind and they can know the company only by the website design.

What are the other areas of Marketing for ecommerce website?
  • Online channels – Online channels will help you to expand your branding to the infinite end users.
  • Social Media – Social media is a platform from where you will get maximum exposure. At present, social media platforms are booming the online world. Twitter and Facebook; from this both platform you will get more sales so start your marketing campaign on these platforms. You can also start a Facebook Ad campaign.
  • Google Adwords – If you have enough marketing campaign then you must have to start a Google Adwords as it is a very effective way of getting better exposure.
  • Affiliate marketing – Place your banners and Ads in some reputed blogs and websites. Affiliate marketing is a very cost effective way because you have to only pay the money when you get a sale.
  • Offline marketing – Offline marketing is also a best way of marketing in ecommerce business and especially when you are targeting any specific location.
In ecommerce business, a website is the main tool from where you can get your earnings. Nowadays there are many ecommerce web design service providers available in the marketplace. By keeping the growth of ecommerce industry in mind I will definitely assume that within the next few years a demand of creative web designer will be on booming stage.

At last, remember one thing that without marketing you will never earn a single penny in ecommerce business.