Wednesday, 9 May 2012

CMS or developers, which one you have to choose for your website development?

From whom you have to develop your website? This question is always being a problematic thing for you. If you take wrong decision then it will completely smash up all your plans related to website and business. In this situation you have two options and that are CMS or web developers. Both options are excellent, it’s just a matter of choice. Here we discuss about pros and cons of both platform.
CMS Pros and Cons:-
·         CMS is the open source platform so it gives you a freedom of customizable website development.
·         One best thing of CMS is that most of CMS are free so you don’t have to pay anything behind web development if you develop it by yourself.
·         Some CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, etc are very easy to use so even if you don’t have technical knowledge, you can easily create your website.
·         By developing your site in CMS you can easily add, edit or delete your content as per your convenience.
·         CMS also provides many plug-INS which are very helpful to create your website more attractive. I.e. if you want to create a banner in your homepage then you have to just upload image and content and banner will be ready and live.
·         Many CMS systems are not search engines friendly and that’s why many website owner facing such problem that their website is not visible in search engines.
·         CMS is a system that requires constant upgrade as technologies are changing quite quickly.
·         If CMS crash then your website also crash. You lost all your content and all your users.
·         CMS requires more resource to run a website so CMS developed website’s hosting is quite expensive.
·         In free version of CMS, it provide less facilities and if you want to purchase fully functional version then you have to pay quite lot.
Web developers Pros and Cons:-
·         Professional web developers are expert in their filed so you don’t have to worry about your website functionality.
·         Web developers suggest you ongoing industries trend which gives you an idea of website deigning and content.
·          You are not aware with latest web development technologies but web developers are. They suggest you best technologies for developing your website.
·         You get your ready website within your desired timeline by web developers.
·         IF you don’t have enough budgets then you can’t afford web developers as they are quite expensive.
·         Sometimes they get fail in their commitments so they didn’t do their task on time. Also freelance developers have many projects on their hand so they get overwhelmed.
·         You can also come across with inexperienced web developers whose not only waste your time but also your money.
·         There is always a risk with freelance web developers that some confidential company information has been leaked by them
After all choice is yours in which one you have to choose. Website development is not an easy task so I suggest you that if you are not tech savvy then choose some reputed website development company for developing your website.

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