Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A beginner’s guide for custom web design

Web design plays a big role in online business success. A web design defines your business and branding and that’s why entrepreneurs are more focused on their company website. From last some year technology was changed drastically and with the effect of this custom web design is introduced. 4 to 5 years ago website is so simple and with limited functionality. At that time website is only for producing such information and so we must have to contact the company representative for purchasing the products or any other queries.  Now the thing was completely changed, today’s website provides the functionality beyond our imagination. This all takes place after custom web design invention.

Here we will discuss on how to start a website with custom web design implementation and this will be very helpful for newbie.
  • Start with a domain – Domain is the address of your online place so take care while choosing a domain name. The domain name should be industry relevant or product related. Don’t use your own name or some funky names in your corporate website’s domain.
  • Hosting – As you are going to develop your website with custom web design you have to choose some reputed and high efficiency hosting provider so your website never get stuck. If possible then choose dedicated hosting server because it is your corporate website and it is most important for you.
  • Choose platform – choose a platform which provides advanced tools and components. This tool and components are so useful in website development and also it creates easy-to-use website. By using these tools you can save your lots of time.
  • Create first cut – After finalizing all above stuffs you have to create a first cut of the homepage. The rest pages of the website are depending on the homepage so make sure that you have to create a good looking homepage.
  • Testing – Before going live check the entire website’s functionality in the demo server so you make sure that there are not any bugs in the website.
Above mentioned points are just fundamentals which are used in every website development. Custom website is completely a different thing from a normal website hence it is but obvious that development of custom website is also different from normal website.

Process of Custom website development
  • A custom website development starts with customizable thoughts in the mind. That means before starting a custom website development you must have to design its complete structure with functionality which you want to integrate in a website.
  • After finalizing the design of a website first you have to start with its back-end developing. You have to develop content management systems so you can easily input all your data in your website with every modification you want.
  • Prepare contact us and other forms which you want to integrate in your website. Add those forms and check its proper functionality that whether they are working fine or not.
  • After completing all this stuff you must have to test your website inside-out so you will make sure that your website is properly functional.
Well, in custom website development main thing is its CMS based functionality hence before doing any other activities you must have to focus on its CMS.

By implementing custom web design you can develop your site with all your needs and create your unique identity in the online world. The first impression is always matters a lot so make sure that your website is that much attractive which catch the user’s eyes. In today’s world developing a website is not a big deal but for developing a good website it requires professionals.

Now, hope that your next project would be definitely of custom website development. Am I right?


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