Thursday, 17 May 2012

Can web applications replace the websites?

Human’s usually remains crazy for web applications. We can see that there are numbers of applications available in iTunes and Android store. Why that much application is there? It is simply because now people use applications for completing their wishes in much easier way. With the change of user’s usability, some companies offer their services from this type of application. I.e. if someone has to order a pizza from domino’s then he/she has to simply open the domino’s official application from Smartphone and place the order of their favorite pizza and order will be delivered at home within next few minutes. How easy it is! You don’t have to go anywhere for purchasing the things. This is the main benefit of the web application as you can do almost everything from your mobile phone.

With the growth of various businesses, a demand of web applications is increasing more and more. This shows us that how the people shake their hand with web applications. A web application is more focused on result oriented so users don’t have to surf so many web pages and not have to read a bunch of text. They can easily get the required information from all such web applications. All such web applications don’t require any installation process as one can access them just by browsing them through any of available either web browser or even from mobile browser. Apart from that even such web application doesn’t need any maintenance or support so it is considered cost effective when compared to desktop applications.

After showing the web applications tremendous benefits we can assume that in the near future it has a capability to replace the website. There are so many factors like web application design, its functionality; user friendly, its cost and many other things play a huge role in its adoption. I don’t say that it will completely replace the websites but may be 50 to 60 percent there is a chance that in future users only use the web applications.

If you are a web developer then you must have to increase your expertise hence after two to three years down the line you may have to face many obstacles for sustaining in the web development industry. If you have an expertise in only or JAVA then it will be not enough after some years. You must have to learn development of android and iTunes applications. Currently, if you have observed that many big and small scale companies are developing their mobile site and applications. Why such need arises for them? It is because of increased usage of Smartphone and Tablets.

At Present, People are also doing online shopping from their Smartphone and Tablets hence for ecommerce businesses it is a kind of bless because now they have a new group of their potentials. Before this boom ecommerce business is only dependable on the website but mobile applications give them wings and now they approach new customers.

Nowadays, there are very much demand of web developers. Big Companies like Facebook and twitter hire more and more developers to maintain their great applications. By keeping this in mind we can understand that the web developers are as important as web applications.

As this platform is purely developed for giving right advice to web developers, I would like to suggest you that start your career as a web developer and get success in it. All the best!


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