Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ecommerce mobile Apps – Helps you a lot in your ecommerce platform

The world of ecommerce is now in its golden era. Why people go to the shop, when they can shop from comfort of their home and also get free delivery. This seems to be main benefits of ecommerce business as people nowadays wants something better and extra from their routine shopping. If you want to buy a mobile phone then you have to go in any ecommerce site and just place your order, product will turn up at your home within next 3 days. Also, they provide many payment options such as pay by credit card, net banking or cash on delivery (COD) so you have to select one of this as per your wish. There are many people who can always prefer ecommerce for their shopping.
In today’s rising technology, Smartphone has revolutionized many things including ecommerce. Ecommerce is the business where all the trading is been done through online medium.  Looking to this many ecommerce provider now create their ecommerce app to grab the Smartphone users; and also people like that app because by using this app they can shop any products through their mobile device. One of the reasons of Smartphone being widely accepted by the consumers is it’s easy to use and flexible features. You can shop your product at anytime from anywhere without any need of computer. As users become more Smartphone savvy, this is the right time to go for m-commerce.
One in depth research said that international users will spend around $119 billion in ecommerce trading by 2015. Now people demand their ecommerce solution from their mobile phone. Amazon a big giant of ecommerce industry has announced their sales report in July and the report says that “Customers around the globe have ordered $1 billion of products using a mobile.” Amazon has a nice mobile application for ecommerce and this may be one of the reasons for their outstanding success.
As well as creating an app for mobile you also have to create a mobile site because many users avoid the apps, so for that type of users a well designed mobile site is the platform which brings them to you. Here you can find my post of Ecommerce website design for Mobiles which will help you in developing the mobile site. Never forget Ecommerce solution is highly dependable on customer satisfaction so good customer service make your business steady.

Currently, the situation is that; people can live without their Laptop but not without Mobile. By this we can assume that how many ecommerce potentials are available in the world. Ecommerce is a thing which only requires a device connected to the internet and if we find it then that’s it. A person who has such device then he will becomes our potential. 
Well, if we are talking about Smartphone then how can we avoid tablets? Yes, the numbers of tablet users are increasing tremendously. In fact, tablet is a most trending device in the tech world. Let’s take an example of Apple’s iPad. One research of 2010 said that there are 3 million users of Apple iPad. Now, we can imagine that in 2012 it will be surely 6 to 9 million. Also, Apple has just launched iPad Mini which is currently the talk of the town. 
At the end I would like to say that the Smartphone and Tablets penetration will only help ecommerce ventures but it will also help a lot of other online businesses. What are you waiting for? Just develop your mobile site and application and start grabbing the customers.


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