Friday, 25 May 2012

Few features must have in every website

Online world is now not just for professional because now it is used by layman also. Extensive use of internet has raised so many opportunities and industries in the marketplace. Entire online world is stand on one platform and that platform is website. Website is the thing which creates an atmosphere of doing a business in the world of online. In the era of 80s and 90s, websites are mostly used for sharing company information and the web design is so simple and cluttered. Now, Things are completely changed as there are many new technologies have been invented and you and I are very much aware with today’s websites.
Websites of present time are so attractive and produce functionalities which we never thought about. Below are some key features which are too important in the website so these features you must have to include in website while website development.
1.       First of all website is represent you and your company in online world so always provide genuine information in your website. You have to provide some basic contact details of your company and key persons, so end users can easily contact you without any hesitation. This will create an authenticity of your company in user’s mind so always provide physical address, email and phone numbers of company.
2.       Updated information always attracts the new visitors because users are eagerly searching latest information. Many websites of present time are running on a CMS platform so you can add, delete and modify your content whenever you want without any help of developer.
3.       Dedicated pages of different products and services are making your website more interactive because from these pages users can find the specific product information in much better way.
4.       If your website provides any financial transaction systems then you must have to secure your website with SSL certificate. The SSL certificate will encrypt the data of users so they don’t have to worry about their data theft. TrustE, Entrust, VeriSign, etc are the provider of SSL certificate.
5.       Navigation is the most important factor which can attract the users so always makes simple navigation of your website.
6.       With the increasing popularity of Smartphone and tablet, you must have to be ready with mobile version of your website so you can also approach those customers who surfs your website from such devices.
7.       Social Media integration in website will give you maximum exposure because Social Medias are such platforms from where you can find your desired niches.
8.       At the end choose good web hosting so your website never gets the stuck and users easily access it with good speed.
Above things are very helpful to provide a good looking and user’s oriented website. Stay away from “Big banners for big impacts”. Remember simplicity is always good so please forgo the heavy banners, Flash and numbers of images because such things only slow the loading time of website and if the website is poor in loading then users don’t like it. Also, loading time is one of the affected parameters in the SEO. Website development is not like a rocket science but you must have to take care of some basic aspects of it.


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