Thursday, 31 May 2012

How to develop an interactive website?

Are you in an online business? Do you have a good website? It is just good or interactive website. Yes, only having a good website is not enough in online business. You must have an interactive website which can perform as a virtual assistant to your end users. We all know that website is a thing from which we will be able to promote our products and services in online world. With the every changing day internet becomes less static hence the dynamic world is taking its place. At present time we are using dynamic websites and we know very well that how this websites are.
Now you have one question in your mind that, what the hell interactive website is? Let see one good example of the same, you went in an office which is not properly organized and don’t have any person to welcome you or guide you on your questions. What you do in this situation. I know that you would probably leave that office. Now you went in an office which has good infrastructure and all the things are well organized. When you enter in the office a receptionist welcomes you and gives all the answers of your questions. How good experience it is! This is the difference between normal and interactive website. In such website, your users can feel the personal touch. In simple world interactive website is a thing which allows users to communicate with it.
Now how can you develop such website? Below are few points which can create an interactive website.
  • To attract the users in their first visit you have to create a good homepage which contains all the information of your company in graphical way.
  • You have to create multiple interaction platforms from where your users can interact with you. Social media is the best option for this so start your Facebook and Twitter page and put its information in your website so users can easily connect with you.
  • "A picture is worth a thousand words" so use some good images which can tell your story to the users. Don’t use large size images because it will be increase loading time of website.
  • Provide some informational materials like newsletters, whitepapers or case studies because from this users can get the latest information about your company and industry as well.
  • Develop some platforms like forums or CRM from where your users can easily contact you.

With the help of interactive website you can increase your revenue. For creating such website, it requires a professional guy so always approach a good website development company to develop your website.

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