Friday, 1 June 2012

Mistakes in ecommerce website design

There are many companies in the marketplace which can provide ecommerce website development service but what you think that all of them are experts in ecommerce website development? Ecommerce website development is not easy as there are many aspects which can directly affect in your ecommerce business and if your ecommerce website is not as per those aspects then it will ruin your business. One main aspect which is too important in ecommerce website development and that is ecommerce website design.
Here I am going to share some generic mistakes of ecommerce website which can looks simple but affect a lot in your ecommerce business.

In ecommerce website must have proper navigation
If you want to buy a computer but you don’t know that from where you can buy it or if you know that shop but don’t know the address of that shop then what you do. Obviously you look for some other shop. Same thing will apply in the ecommerce website because your ecommerce website is your online store where customers are coming for purchasing products. Imagine that if customers will enter in your ecommerce website and looks for some product but they can’t find that product then what they can do? They will definitely switch to other website.

Proper navigation in ecommerce website will make the customer happy so they can easily purchase the products. Make categorize ecommerce website so users will easily find their needed product within short time span.

Shopping cart and payment gateway
When customers are ready for buying products from your ecommerce website then you must have to ready with full functional shopping cart. Fully functional shopping cart must have such functionality like product name, payment options and most important thing price.

Payment gateways are the backboneof ecommerce business because all the transaction in ecommerce business will happen through payment gateways hence implements good and reputed payment gateways so users can purchase product without any risk of data theft and in smoothen way. Also, choose that type of payment gateways which allows Credit card transactions because in online purchasing most of the users will prefer this option.

Make clear looks of products
A human believes in those things which they have seen. In ecommerce business you don’t have such opportunity because you are not able to show physical view of product but you can show a virtual image of the product. Put high definition images of product so customers easily see the exact view of products. Along with image you have to put some description of product and customer’s reviews so purchasers will able to take decision of buying that product.

By taking care of such mistakes in ecommerce website design you will create a perfect ecommerce website which can generate that kind of revenue which you are looking for.
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