Thursday, 7 June 2012

Retain customers by providing best ecommerce solution

In ecommerce business if you want to reach at the skies then you must have some strategies which make your business successful. Customer’s retention is the most important factor in the ecommerce business which helps you to get success. In the online world, you don’t have an opportunity of talking with your customers by face to face. You have to satisfy them only by your website and customer support team. Handling a customer support process is not easy because it is a very lengthy process where customers fill the inquiry form then that inquiry comes to your customer support team and then they follow these inquiries. This whole process is very time-consuming and costly.
Retaining a customer is too important in ecommerce business because ecommerce is not a onetime sell/purchase system. If you want to make good revenue then it is necessary that customers will keep purchasing from your ecommerce website. If customers will face some problem in this process then they will never visit your website again so you have to make such platform where customers will sort out their problems. By providing best ecommerce solution in terms of customer support you can retain your customers. You have to make your website as a customer care executive which takes all the queries of customers and try to solving out it as soon as possible.
Create ticket system in your website
Ticket system is easiest way for handling the customer’s query.  In ticket system customer will raise their query by filling up the ticket form. This ticket form will goes to the customer support team and then they look after to the customer’s query. It is so simple way to handle the query in short time. Also, it is cost effective as it doesn’t require any specific resource for it. You can simply integrate it in your website.
Get connected with customers
You can simply do this by providing online chat option in website. With this functionality customers will simply chat with one of your customer support executive and get the solution on the spot with more effective way. Chat option will definitely increase your sales figure because customers will get their solution within few minutes and that way they feels one type of relaxation and be able to take a decision on purchasing the product. Apart from this your customer support team will get an opportunity of talking to a potential customer.
Provide FAQs
This is also a part of customer retaining as customers will find out the solution of some generic queries by themselves. For providing this feature you have to prepare good FAQs which contain general questions with their proper and short answers.
By providing such facilities to your customers you will definitely get success in retaining them. Also, it creates good impression on customer’s mind and they believe that your company is one of the best ecommerce solution provider.


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