Wednesday, 6 June 2012

PHP, an ongoing trend in web development

In this competitive online world every entrepreneurs want to own a website which will brings success to their business. What you think that this is simple? No, web development is not an overnight process; it requires lots of hard work and research for developing an attractive website. At present if you want to gain maximum revenue from your website then you must have to create an eye catchy website which will stick your visitors and lead them to become customers.  For creating this type of website you require latest technology. There are many technologies available in the marketplace and one of them is PHP.
What is PHP?
PHP is an open source server-side scripting language. It is used for developing dynamic websites. It works by server side scripting so it reduces a large amount of coding which is used in web development.
Website which is developed with HTML coding called as a static websites because it works form a client side (Browser side) part. In static website code will execute from browser and returns the output in HTML view.
PHP is completely a different thing from it as it works from a server side. This means PHP code will execute from the web server and returns output in browser. Also, it contains HTML embedded functionality.
Why PHP is an ongoing trend in web development?
As I say that PHP is an open source platform so it gives you an opportunity to create a customized website. This means you can create a website as per your requirements because there are no any restrictions in customization. In PHP you can also use HTML coding wherever you require it. Along with HTML you can even use Ajax, Flash and many other scripts functionality which makes a good functional website.  PHP is a very easy and comfortable platform for developing websites compared to ASP and Java.
Some key features of PHP
  1. By using PHP in web development you can create easy functionality and fast data processing website.
  2. Almost all the web hosting provider allows the PHP database features.
  3. All the CMS are developed in PHP platform so you have lots of options to create your website in CMS whichever you like.
  4. PHP is one and only language which can run on all the OS such as Linux, Windows and UNIX.

Now, Web development becomes too easy with PHP. PHP creates a good opportunity for web developers to make ashiny career as a PHP developer. Because of all this reason PHP is ongoing trend in web industry.


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