Friday, 3 August 2012

Online world – A World of Competition, Struggle, Challenge and Fun Galore!!!

We are in the 21st century. A century of Revolution. Revolution in online virtual business.

Revolutionary scenario of the 21st century:

Jack is amidst a video-conference with his clients who are placed in another country; His receptionist is busy online chatting with the company’s potential customers while his admin staff is buying company products through online shopping.

In the 2000s, the IT sector has revolutionized to become the most happening industry globally. With the introduction of broadband, internet usage has gone up leaps and bounds. Apart from this internet has reached mobile cell device. Hence the virtual world is buzzing with activities and new innovations.

Google and Face book were introduced in the 2000s and since then there’s no looking back.

Online world - Competition in the battle

Currently, countries across are using the internet as the means to communicate and hence this has given way to online businesses. Ecommerce, blogging, affiliation to the social media are the current happening online businesses.

In a virtual venture, you will succeed only creative thinking. Online world is pretty competitive and challenging so one has to be geared up to succeed here. It is true that ecommerce has a good opportunity for doing online business but there are already established giants like Amazon and eBay.

Your website in an online world

Website is a primary interface for online businesses. It works as a platform where your end users will visit, asses and convert to being your potential customers. Hence it is imperative to develop a website which will create a positive impact on your end users on their first visit and give them reasons to remain your loyal customers.

Current trends of website development:

1.       Responsive web design is everywhere – A website which has multiple versions and access through many platforms is a responsive web design. With every passing day the utility and access of mobile phones and tablets are on the rise and that’s the reason why most of the people in business want to create a mobile version of their company website. As we are aware that in today’ scenario, Smart phone and tablets users are the “in thing” so it is essential to attract those users with responsive web design.

2.        Make HTML5 your new buddy – 2012. This year comes with another creative innovation of HTML5. Every web designer is trying their hands to develop a website in HTML5 because HTML5 has many new features and functionalities which enhances the aesthetics and makes it user friendly. Apart from this HTML5 has simple coding structure which is pretty useful from Search engines point of view.

3.       Info graphics – Instead of preferring to read through heaps of text, people love info graphics. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, goes the adage. In this extremely busy life style, no one has enough time to read text and hence people prefer the usage of pictorial or info graphic web sites, which is more self explanatory. Introducing info graphics in the website will make the website more attractive, leave an everlasting impact and makes it very user friendly. Sometimes info graphics has the tendency to go viral and this will enhance maximum visits to the website.

4.       Are you in line with the latest trends while designing a website?

If you are still using a conventional website, then its time one gets acquainted with the latest trends. Am sure no one would like to be left far behind than those who are in line with the latest trends while designing their website. So, its time one takes on the hot seat and plunge into the latest happenings in the world of designing the website.

So are you on the move and looking out for some of the best website development organization?


Sage Aumick said...

As a product owner, all we aimed is to get the customers to buy the products we are selling. But how can we do this if we do not have any idea about online marketing. Well, actually it is easy to do online product selling, but don’t be too complacent because it’s a tough competition out there. This is a challenging part with every product owner, especially in devising the strategy to apply in promoting it. If you want to be more visible, most likely, you must have passion and patience in designing your website to make it look more attractive. If not, I suggest that look for the best web designer to do it for you.

Matthew Leanna said...

Competition is definitely something that all business owners should consider, especially with their websites. It’s called the “World Wide Web” for a reason. Being online is a great way to be seen by more people, but that number also includes fellow business owners. One way to gain an edge over your competitors is to employ SEO services. Search engine optimization will ensure that your website will be seen in the front pages of the most popular search engines before your competitors are seen by people looking for products or services the same as yours.

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