Friday, 31 August 2012

A new tool from Twitter: Get all your old tweets at your fingertips

How would you feel if you laid your hands on things that were stolen? Wow, isn’t it an amazing feeling!! Truly, this feature is available on Twitter which gets hold of your old Tweets.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has just announced a few days ago that they are in the process of developing a tool from which users can download all the old tweets.

As we are aware that this news will first break on twitter to the 500 million users who are the current members and who are collectively generating billions of tweets on a daily basis. 

Why has Twitter launched such a tool?

Currently, we are aware that Twitter is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Every user, be it a teenager or a professional, everyone seems hooked on to using Twitter for being part of the current whose who and for current news. Billion of tweets are generated in a day. Imagine that you are following 2OOO profiles; by this number how many tweets would you receive in a day? The number will be phenomenal. In case, if you want to view your tweet which you tweeted 10 to 15 days ago, then it‘s a task to locate from such a lengthy list of tweets, isn’t it?
It is a fact that there are various third party tools of twitter available but they do not cater to the downloading functionality and hence Twitter is going to launch such a tool which will assist you to download all the tweets generated by you or your followers, etc.
Twitter wants to smoothen the process of relocating old tweets and empower the users with maximum features, so that they don’t have to take assistance of third party tools and save on time.
Objectivity of this tool:
When you commenced using twitter as a social networking tool, you may have tweeted numerous tweets which were very informative and interesting. Some day you may want to review those tweets, hence do you think it’s as easy to revert back to those tweets that have piled up? Here at this point, this particular tool will help out and you can download all your tweets whenever you wish.
Twitter has realized that people are always in search of old things and that’s why it has come up with such an active tool. Twitter may have got its inspiration from Facebook as Facebook integrates its timeline functions from where users can see their old status.
Twitter hasn’t yet announced the exact date of release of this tool but would like to see how this work for the twitteratti’s.


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