Sunday, 6 January 2013

An overview of e-commerce design for buyers

Nowadays online shopping trend is increasing. There are many e-commerce sites or online shopping sites available. There is no doubt that many persons are thinking of starting their own online business. Setting up an online store is not so easy, however.  Find the best web development firm like SPINX Inc which will help you in starting up your business. Think that you are the user and what you will look for in an e-commerce site.

In this article, basic points for e-commerce design are explained. Follow them to boost your business online.

Basic features of e-commerce site

In simple terms, an e-commerce site includes many products and services for sale, where people can browse all products, can buy and pay via payment gateways online.

An online shop includes:

  • Product catalogue where all products have their own detailed page with all information and images.
  • Shopping cart where people can add their products which they want to buy at the same time.
  • Product search facility if users want to search what they are looking for.
  • Check-out gateway which includes delivery details and other product information which is selected by the user.
  • Back-end admin to monitor all transactions and user information.

A web solution company which you have selected will place these all features on your website. It will also give suggestions for making the site user friendly.

Features of online shopping site

It is very complex to create an online shopping website. The site should be easy to browse and to manage. You should be transparent in your web development firm to make this task as simple as possible. Sometimes one error in the website may turn off your users.

Graphics: This is a very important aspect. Product images or other images should be qualitative and website layout should have a proper look. If product images are not clear, you will get fewer users. Layout and color scheme should be clear for users. The focus must be on products and not on Flash layout.

Software for shopping cart: This software should have all facilities included search product, add and save products information which is selected by user in shopping cart, facility for managing inventory, delivery information etc. All this information should be discussed with your developer.

Payment options: Most common option is PayPal. But many e-commerce sites are now using secured Visa options, COD (Cash On Delivery) etc.  Some of them are accepting credit cards too.

Client testimonials: Place your client’s feedback on your website. By doing this, use can get trust in your site. Many websites are now including product review option where buyers can place product review.

Being social: This is a marketing tool which permits users to share product information on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. This will help you to get more users to your websites and turn them into true clients.

So if you are going to start your own e-commerce business, consider these points. Hope this article will help you!!!


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