Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Customer acquisition and customer experience in e-commerce venture

E-commerce! The word spells a billion dollars, because I’m aware of its potential. When e-commerce comes to my mind the first thing which strikes me is “customer”. Only the e-commerce entrepreneur knows the importance of customers/subscribers and how to get them. As I have a little experience in e-commerce startups I would like to share my knowledge with those folks who are e-commerce savvy.

An e-commerce venture is all about analysis and subscriber hence you will have to do proper homework before launching. If you have reached this stage then it is vital that you have knowledge of customer acquisition and customer experience. So, let’s understand it in-depth.

What do you mean by customer acquisition?

Online retailing is a business where you have to be ready for surprises, be they good or bad. It is possible that you will gain more subscribers in a short time but it is also true that you will not get your desired subscriber base for a long time. Once you gain your subscriber base, then customer acquisition comes into the picture. At this juncture you have to be ready with your marketing and sales plan. You must know how you have to play with those subscribers, how you have to give them the best offer so that they will buy repeatedly from your website.
After getting the desired subscriber base, it’s up to you how to get the maximum from it. Here I have listed some points which will help you in acquiring customers.

Take advantage of the ‘Free’ word

It is quite natural that when we see the “free” word we get excited and visit that website. In e-commerce business, take a full advantage of it if you want to acquire more subscribers. “Get subscribed and get discount”, this motto will definitely turn your user into your potential customer.

Social media is all yours

Social media is a platform where you will find numerous people and this gives you a great opportunity to turn them into potential clients. Adopt various strategies of social media optimization and always take the help of your friends and relatives who are in your network.  

What do you mean by customer experience?

Customer satisfaction is a major part of success in an e-commerce venture. How do you know what keeps your customers happy? It is only possible when you see things from the customer’s perspective. Imagine that you are a customer and then think what things make you happy. Implement those thoughts on your e-commerce website. 

On time product delivery along with shipping and smooth transaction will create a good user experience. Always focus on those areas and try to make it as easy as possible. Below are some points which will help you to create that user experience.

The website is a primary interface

Online retailing fully depends on the website hence it is a primary interface between you and the user. Make a user-friendly website which has a personal touch and an unforgettable surfing experience. In an e-commerce website, you have to mention number of products and so you have to take care of its usability otherwise it will create a cluttered website.

Ask for feedback

Satisfaction is not easy to quantify and it cannot be measured; you can only measure the users’ experience when you ask them about their buying experiences. It will also help you to create a better product and a more user-friendly website.

In an e-commerce venture you will only achieve success if you have a big number of subscribers. So customer acquisition is the most important part of such an enterprise.
I wish to know how you plan to acquire your customers for your ecommerce business.


Brac Areal said...

Thanks for taking the time to discuss this I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible as you gain expertise would you mind updating your blog with more information? as it is extremely helpful for me.
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Ydeveloper said...

Once the customer acquired, the next is to offer something that create good customer experience. So, acquisition require the site reputation and review outside and experience built with your own site content, services, products, review and so on!

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