Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Clear your confusion on web development quote

So you have decided to start your online business and want to develop your website. Do you know any website developer? If not then you have to search for them and have to give your web development project to them but do you have any idea on pricing of it? In today’s online world website is too essentials for doing a business and that’s why a website development industry is growing day by day. In this growing online world you need a strong website which can beat your business rivals hence you have to develop your website from some professionals. There are many companies which can serve the same services so it becomes too confusing for choosing one out of them. In this case you have to get the quote from different companies and in this way you can be able to choose one out of them.

There are various factors which can set your website development price. Before going to website development you have to prepare some questions related to your website and hosting. Prepare a list of your needs which you require in a website. By doing this pre-preparation your half of work gets easier. Now you have to search some good reputed companies in the marketplace and shortlisted 4 to 5 companies out of them which are good enough.

Further you have to do email communication with them and have to ask for their quote as per your requirements. Below are some questions which will be very helpful to you while you are approaching website development companies.
  1. Which technologies are going to use in your website development?
  2. Do they provide dedicated web developer for your website?
  3. By when they will complete your project?
  4. What about after development queries?
  5. What is the web hosting cost?
  6. What are the hosting server up-time, disk space and bandwidth?
  7. Where your website getting hosted? In same location which you are targeted or in some other location?
  8. How many resources will work on your project?
  9. Does that resources are expert and experienced enough?
  10. Are they being ready to make changes after development?

Apart from this question you must have to check the credibility of that company. You have to approach some of their clients who gave their project to that company. You should also ask them to check that project so you can easily judge the working skills of that company.

Before going to approach any web development company, you should have to do some homework.

To-do list before approaching web development company
  1. Create a rough design of your website in a paper.
  2. Prepare a list of functionalities which you want to add to your website.
  3. Set your budget and distribute it accordingly.
  4. Be ready with your website content.
  5. Be ready with your marketing plan
  6. Finalize the launch date (As it is a very stringent task).
  7. Be ready with your crew.

Answers of the above questions will definitely help you in getting the right quote from website development companies. In web development industry there are many loop holes means sometimes some companies give their commitment while dealing and incorporated your demands in website development but when you came across to final product it is completely different. So always get your quote in writing format so such things can be avoided and you have a proof of the same.

Hope that now you are expert enough to select a web development company.


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