Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Ecommerce website development from Wordpress

Ecommerce website development is always full of complexity because it requires a full proof of coding which can produce a good functional website. In short, for developing such website you must need a developer. Hiring a web developer is quite costly and specifically if you are in startup stage then you can’t afford them, so what to do in this situation? There is one option available which can solve your problem and that is going for CMS and develops your website with yourself. Yes, it requires some technical knowledge but you can easily setup your ecommerce website with the help of CMS. Here I would like to suggest a Wordpress to develop your ecommerce website.
Wordpress is one of the best CMS in the category of CMS. It provides so much functionality which makes a good functional website. There are many big websites which was developed in Wordpress platform. For ecommerce solution, Wordpress provides great facility. First of all you have to purchase a domain name from any domain registrar. Choose a domain name as per your ecommerce business model so you can get maximum benefit from the SEO point of view.
After purchasing the domain now you need a hosting from where your website is accessible. You have to select that web hosting provider who with meet with Wordpress requirements; you can go with Godaddy, Hostgator, etc which are providing the same. In fact almost all the hosting providers are familiar with the Wordpress so it is one of the best benefits for choosing Wordpress. These two steps are the generic process of every website development. Now you have to create an account in Wordpress and then main things comes that how to develop ecommerce website from the Wordpress.
Follow the below step by step process:-
  1. Go into your hosting Cpanel and click on “Choose platform” option and then select Wordpress.
  2. Now you have to fill some details of your Wordpress account like admin name, password, website name, etc. Make sure that you are not doing any mistake in it because it becomes your credentials which are going to use in login to your Wordpress website.
  3. Now you have to download Wordpress theme in your computer and then by using any FTP client you have to upload that theme under root folder in hosting database.
  4. Now login in your website through Wordpress and install new plug-in of e-commerce and fill up required information and it’s done.

For doing all this you require some basic technical knowledge. Ecommerce website design is too important so either choose some good theme or get it designed from professional web designer.

From below link you can see a complete video of this process: - 


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