Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Web applications and its design

Web application, everyone is aware with this term. Generally web application term refers that “An application which can accessible through internet.” Internet is becoming a vital thing in every human life. Web application is one of the most important factors in the internet world as it will make things easy in human life. By using various web applications, you can do almost everything in quite easier way. There are many factors which can make a good web application design. Web application design plays a vital role in web applications as it makes possible aesthetic looking and user friendly web application.
In the online world aesthetic view is too important because users like well organized things. If the website or application is cluttered then users avoid it. There are many web applications available in the online world but among them some are hit the skies because they are easy-to-use and simple. Let me give you one best example of web application which is used by so many people. Wordpress is the most comprehensive web application which is adopted by thousands of people. Why it is that much popular? Because Wordpress deliver its main objectivity in quite easy way so users can easily use it without any trouble.
Further I am going to share you some tips on web application design because design of web application makes the application more users oriented.
  • A proper navigation in application makes users happy and that’s why they can easily use it without any hesitation. So while designing your web application, first you have to prepare a proper road map of entire application so you will be able to design proper navigation. One best solution of making it easy is adding a breadcrumb navigation system in web app so users never get lost in the application.
  • Screen size is one of the most important parts in the web applications. There are many users who still use small screen size. So make sure that your application will also fit in that type of screen size.
  • Choose proper color combinations in web application so the visibility of text in web application never affected by it.  Also, colors are too important in creating a brand name so choose it as per your industry or as per your company website.
  • Give various important links in right side space of application so if the users need it they don’t have to find it. Generally in web application important links are settings, help, preview, etc.

Above are some basic fundamentals which can make your web apps as per users needs. Moreover you have to research on some famous web apps like Wordpress, Joomla, Facebook, etc so you can understand the main purpose of your web app.


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