Saturday, 12 May 2012

Web designers must have to know fundamental of SEO

Are you a web designer? Do you know SEO? If no then you are not aware with online marketing world. Online marketing is now one of the most important aspects for gets huge business. SEO is the one of the part of online marketing. Every website owner is tends to do SEO of their website so they can acquire maximum exposure. If you don’t optimize your site then you didn’t get any benefits from online world. This is because now users are become net savvy and they use search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo for grabbing the information or purchasing the products. In this circumstances if your website was well optimized and have ranked on 1st page in search engines result then you will get more users and more users means more revenue.

For making a website SEO-savvy you have to create it as per search engines guidelines. It is most important that if you provide web design service then you must have a basic knowledge of SEO. If your website is not developed as per webmaster guidelines then your website would not be indexed by search engines; this means you have a pretty good website but don’t have an online presence. It is quite strange but it is damn true. Don’t worry I create this platform only for helping out the newbie web developer. Below are core fundamentals of SEO which you must have to know.

Five core fundamentals of SEO.
  • Meta
This is the main fundamental which gives the information about website content and its category to search engines. According to this Meta data, search engines will index the website in specific category and shown it when user search for this type of information. There are many Meta parameters but generally Title, Keyword, Description and robots are being used by SEOs.
  • Layout structure
As per one research it was proven that visitors judge the website in the first 30 seconds of surfing. So it is most important that web designer has to develop it so attractive and easy to use. Form SEO view web designer have to use some navigational techniques like breadcrumb links. “Home>products>mobile>iphone” this is the example of breadcrumb link. In this link you show that user land at Home then go in products page then mobile page and then in iphone page. Once he reached at last page and now if he want to go on home page again then he have to only click on “Home” word of this link. This makes website so user friendly and that’s why it reduce the bounce rate of website. In ecommerce sites this links are so useful where numbers of pages are there.
  • Header and footer
In website structure Header and footer are the place which attracts the users. In SEO this two parts are so useful because header contains the Title and logo of website and footer contains the useful links of entire site. Web designer has to focus more on these two parts while developing the website. Keeps Footer less graphical and less information loaded except the links.
  • Fonts
Proper fonts increase website’s content visibility. Form SEO point of view accurate font size are very useful. You have to use H1 tag for each title of entire website and for body content you can use H2 or H3 tag.
  • Technology
Search engines don’t demand attractive websites. Only for showing your graphical love, you don’t have to create website with lots of graphics. Remember Search engines never index the iframe coded website so always avoid that type of coding. Also, if possible then try to avoid flash. Use SEO friendly technology for developing the website.

As a web design service provider you must have to know the all above points because if you don’t follow this basic fundamentals of webmaster then website is not worthy for its owner.


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