Friday, 19 April 2013

Creative Design in Social Media Profiles will Help You!

Let’s talk about design for websites. We know that a creative and attractive design will attract more people. So design for a website plays a big role in driving more traffic to your site. 

Consider real life. If you are going for an interview, you need to be ready like a professional employee. The first impression is the most important impression in any field of work; so it’s also applicable in the online world. But we may add that we have more freedom than in real life. 

Suppose you are thinking of launching your personal website. You can design or decorate it as per your wants. You may design in a creative manner. People like to see creative applications across the online world. 

Creative Design in Another Way!

Design for Social Media

Suppose one of your friends has not contacted you for a long time and if he/she might be using social media networks, he/she will surely try to find you on the internet. 

Whenever I use my social networks, I always get interested in profiles which are designed creatively or different from others. Social media plays a big role in our online world as well as in our real world. On the other hand, it is not necessary that people will follow your profile by seeing your creativity and visual profile; but it is true that people will be attracted by that profile. 

What is the Challenge?

Here the biggest challenge is that you should be one of the persons that I would like to move towards rather than ignore. It might be a time-consuming process, it might take more effort and even some cash. But it is not impossible; you need to work hard, you must give some time and you will be rocked within a few weeks. 

I believe that any person can create finest profiles and it is time to move on to harvest the benefits in the long run in terms of social media. Yes, it is always great to be in front of the competition. 

Why is it Important?

Earlier, people were not familiar with the importance of good design. Coders didn’t have knowledge about good designs for websites. Designing social media profiles is different but the perception is the same. We all are using these social media networks but we are not designers and also not aware about creative and attractive design of social media profiles. 

Right now attractive web design is the key to focus on for all websites! 

Anyone can find you via a simple search in Google if you are using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It will be beneficial if you look your best. In the online world, having an online identity with social media will be helpful to you. 

Keep in mind that it is tough to get back missed opportunities. 

How can we make it best?

The question is how can we make it best? If you are using Tumblr, then make sure that you have customized Tumblr blog design. On my Facebook page, I have posted attractive images and videos. If people really like your fan page by visiting it once, it gives reason for them to know more about you. 

If someone goes through your good looking profile, then he/she will be interested in your content like pictures and videos which you have posted in your network. People will spend more time checking out your profile. 

It is very important that you do well in this step which will help you to gather more followers or fans!

Consider Facebook Fan page. Make your fan page more pretty by posting appealing things. People would then like to follow your page. You will have more comments and likes to your particular post. People trust good looking and attractive profiles. 

Here are some points which play a big role in designing a good looking profile:

  • Use of visual media
  • Be inspiring
  • Keep away laziness
  • Know what to share

Use of Visual Media

Almost all of us are not going to get customized design for our social media profiles. So what should we do to improve their design? The answer is to focus on visual media.

Photos are a most significant feature of Facebook. Take help of that. Take a great picture for your profile picture. Place different photo albums of different places where you have enjoyed with others. Photos should have high quality. This will make you different from others in the online world. 

Be Inspiring

In this segment, we will talk about professional touch rather than design. Post inspirational status updates which will be liked by people. Share about topics on which people would like to talk… don’t share only about yourself. People would like to know something new and interesting. This will attract your friends and followers to your profile. 

Keep Away Laziness

Don’t post photo albums without title. Every album should be labeled. Go through each tab like info, about, photos etc and make them clear by removing unnecessary things from your profile. Try to be active on your profiles as people would like to follow those who are active. Most importantly, delete spam content and post from your profile. 

Know what to Share

It is also essential that you need to know what to share on which platforms. Share different things on different platforms. Content of post should be good. 

These are really simple methods which can be managed by anyone. 


In short, if you want your “online identity,” then be active on your social profile. Make it creative and attractive. Share interesting things which would be liked by people. For assistance, visit for creative and professional web designing solutions. 

If you have any creative experience with social media networks, let me know via comments… 


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